True sound of reggae and ska Vol 2


Product Description

It’s that time again ! Boot up your samplers and DAW’s once more and get ready for Studio Sounds True Reggae and Ska Volume 2 !

Our first Reggae/Ska pack went down well because of the genuine sound and flawless instrumentation.

As before there are plenty of instruments to choose from , with Organ’s, brass sections and Guitars in varying chords and isolated progressions.

Even more licks this time around with smooth tenor sax lines and Trombone loops so smooth you can feel the love coming from your speakers!.

This is a strictly vibes pack with chilled out horn loops and cutting organ stabs , all there to add even more shine to a track

Volume 2 is still Capable of much more than a single Genre of music just like It’s predecessor and still has the potential of multi-genre cross overs ranging from the popular Ragga-Jungle all way across from Dub , Hip Hop and R&B…….and of course Reggae and Ska !!

Just as before this collection of samples isn’t cashing in on a name , this collection of samples IS The True Sound Of Reggae And Ska !

The drums in this pack were from our Deadly Drum And Bass Breaks which can be found here


Audio Demo: